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We have extensive experience in the development, review and presentation of business plans. We do not usually author plans for clients since we believe that it is necessary for the business client to directly participate in the creation of the business plan.

We do provide advisory services pertaining to the development of a preliminary outline and format of the business plan. These advisory services include a review of the client's objectives (needs assessment analysis), and assisting with the identification of the data necessary to execute a business plan. A strategic plan is then developed outlining all of the steps necessary to develop the business plan.

We participate in the editing and review process of the busines plan to ensure continuity and to provide guidance and assistance throughout the entire drafting process. Draft copies of the plan can be reviewed in hard copy format, or, can be transmitted by electronic means.

We will meet with all designated company representatives and 3'rd party professionals engaged by the client company to facilitate the development of the business plan.

We will meet with potential business partners, lending sources and other professionals to assist with the presentation of the finished business plan.

Numerous guidelines and reference materials are recommended to the business client to assist with their development of a business plan. We highly recommend the following business planning development tools:

        by:   Linda Pinson & Jerry Jinnet
(A hard copy business planning manual with guidelines and examples for business plan development).

        by:   Linda Pinson
(A stand-alone companion software to ANATOMY OF A BUSINESS PLAN which provides all of the financial and word processing tools necessary to compose a business plan).

Both of these business planning tools can be obtained by contacting:
Out Of Your Mind ... And Into The Market Place
Linda Pinson, President
13381 White Sand Drive
Tustin, CA 92680
T: 714-544-0248         F: 714-730-1414
E-Mail:   LPinson@aol.com
URL:      http://www.Business-plan.com
            (a sample of many of the business plan formats is available on line).
ANATOMY OF A BUSINESS PLAN is also available in Spanish:
Check out their web site for additional information on this new business planning tool.
We highly recommend that the business client make use of the business planning resources and tools available at the many US Small Business Administration Business Information Centers (BIC), as well as much of the information which is available at the SBA's home page:   http://www.sba.gov

Business plan development and review services can be obtained on a contract basis, and are customized to meet the specific needs of the business client. Presentation services are also available if required by the business client.

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