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New York     4 March 2001
Making The Web Work For You

"Using The Internet As A Strategic Business Tool"

Mark S. Deion   President
Deion Associates & Strategies, Inc.

    There are a lot of things happening on the internet. Some people are doing only one thing, while others are doing everything. If you are not using the internet and you want to start, or, if you are using it and you want to optimize or expand your usage, here is some basic information and resources which will help you.

    Use an outline! It will help you to identify the issues and relationships. You can use it as a map of your entire internet program.

**What do you want? What do they want?**

    Research the internet first. Learn it. What does it have to offer. How can you use it.
    Develop a plan. Look at what others have done and learn from them.
    Ask your customers what they want and need.
    Ask your staff what they want and need.
    Use the internet to become efficient first (reduce your expenses), then try to market and expand.
    Always test everything first,..evaluate, revise and evaluate again!!
    Be prepared to constantly change your internet program.
    Make your internet program a permanent budget item.

    The internet does not create business, you do. The internet allows you to create business in an affordable and effective fashion.

    Your internet program will only be as good as you learn it, design it and use it!!!

**What do you want? What do they want?**

Initial Resources:
    A great Book:
    customers.com   How to Create a Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond.
    Patricia B. Seybold with Ronni T. Marshak. New York: Times Business / Random House, 1998

    Please check out the numerous resources available on our web site. The Helpful Home Page List is an excellent directory of many helpful web sites. The seminars, articles and Power Point presentations can be printed, or downloaded to be used by your staff.

    Main web site:

    Helpful Home Page List:

    PowerPoint Presentations:
    Using The Internet As A Strategic Business Tool
    Using The Internet As A Strategic Business Tool A Basic Internet Guide 2'nd in a series

    Articles / Text:
    Using The Internet as a Strategic Business Tool.
    "The Internet: A Paradigm Shift In The Making"
    "The Internet As A Tool,....Not A Miracle"
    "The Internet As A Business Tool"
    "Doing Business On The Internet",....The Next Steps.
    "Doing Business On The Internet" An Introductory Seminar On How To Use the Internet.
**What do you want? What do they want?**

    TMN:     Time     Money     Numbers

    Try to evaluate everything you do with these 3 concepts in mind. This will assist in identifying advantages, objectives, and shortfalls.

    CIA:     Competitive Information Acquisition

    How will you use the internet to acquire information which makes you more competitive. Do you know how to find the information? Do you know how to use the information? Does this process save you money? Does it make you money?

    PREP:     Plan     Research     Evaluate     Prioritize

    Plan.   Develop a plan for everything! What will you do? Who will do it? Why? What will the result(s) be? How will you finance your program? How will you integrate it with staff?

    Research everything which is available! Maintain a front seat in the classroom of internet technology. Watch what others do, learn from them.

    Evaluate everything you do. How will you measure success / failure? What anticipatory plans will you have in place to fix / improve / revise?

    Prioritize your plans and your efforts. You can't do everything at once. Which issues are the most important? Which issues allow you to move on to the next steps? What will you do first? Second? Develop your program to be phased-in over time.

      Business to Business
    Business to Customer (Consumer)
    Business to Enterprise (Internal / External)
    Customer (consumer) to Customer (consumer)
    Competitor to Competitor (What will you do in this environment???)

**What do you want? What do they want?**

Cost Reduction:
**What do you want? What do they want?**

Types of Sites:

    or,.... from: PC Magazine (5/23/200)

    Development Site
    Corporate Intranet Site
    Marketing Site
    B2B Portal
    Content Delivery Site
**What do you want? What do they want?**

Some of your associates on the Web:
**What do you want? What do they want?**

Free Offer:
    Ask me any one question you have about using the internet and I will answer your question in detail. The answer will cost you nothing and requires no obligation on your part. There is no time limit on this offer. But,....you must send the question via E-Mail and you must mention your attendance at this seminar. Send your question to: marks@deionassociates.com
If you do your work well on the internet, you will need this page:


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