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As international business becomes a standard mode of business development, there are numerous business opportunities in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) which could be beneficial to both US and FSU companies.

Some of the significant opportunities available in the FSU are:

Vast natural resources and raw materials.

Manufacturing facilities available for use (which are currently under-utilized due industry conversion and governmental restructuring).

A highly skilled and educated work force.

Excellent geographic proximity to international markets in Europe, Asia, Far East, Pacific Rim.

Extensive funding available for business development and conversion.

An extensive domestic market.

We provide services to both US and FSU companies to facilitate the sharing of information and the development of business relationships on an international basis. We have assisted with the development of business initiatives for US/FSU business relationships.

Business clients interested in establishing a permanent US/FSU business relationship should review the following list of services to further research potential business opportunities in this region.

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