Business Acqusition No No's - We frequently have the opportunity to assist clients in the acqusition of assets or businesses. Recently a business associate asked...  Acquisition No Nos

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Critical Financial Review - At Deion Associates & Strategies, Inc. we perform a variety of financial services. Recently, at the request of one of our strategic management associates...Acquisition No Nos

Discount Purchasing: Deal or No Deal - From time to time you might receive notification from a vendor indicating they are offering a "discount" on products. The offer is usually for...  Acquisition No Nos

Know Your Costs - At Deion Associates & Strategies, Inc. we often have the opportunity to assist clients with a review of product/service costs. Here are just two examples...Acquisition No Nos

I'm Too Busy Running My Business To Deal With Financial Strategies - Recently an associate referred us to a prospective client to assess their financial needs...  Acquisition No Nos

Mid-Year Review Process: Course Correction or On Target? - So Q1 has already passed, your tax returns have already been filed, or you have filed for an extension. For most companies...Acquisition No Nos

Some Financial Tips For Restaurants - We recently had the opportunity to review the finances and operation of a family-style restaurant with full-service bar. They were experiencing a decline in revenue and profits and...  Acquisition No Nos

My P&L Says I'm Profitable... How Come I Have No Cash? - This is a question posed by numerous business owners during times of stress when cash is short...Acquisition No Nos

Strategies For Delinquent Payables - At Deion Associates & Strategies, Inc. we are sometimes approached by potential new clients who are experiencing financial difficulties and...  Acquisition No Nos

Sometimes More Saves You More - We come across many stories and examples that we find useful for our clients. Following is one story we found useful in dealing with selling and pricing in the restaurant business...  Acquisition No Nos

PM's Are More Than Just Preventative Maintenance - We recently had the opportunity to deal with a company that sold and serviced office equipment. They sold equipment as well as service contracts which included...quisition No Nos

COVID-19 Recovery Strategies - The tragedy of COVID-19 has occured, shutting down businesses, the economy, and most likely forever changing our lives and...  Acquisition No Nos