"I've worked with Mark Deion for nearly 20 years and he is passionate about anything he sets his mind to. Mark is willing to spend the time to help colleagues and is an all-around great guy."                                         - Molly D.

"Mark and I met when he served as a hands-on advisor to one of the larger customers of my last employer. Prior to Mark's involvement the customer had a number of operational problems that were inhibiting their future potential and preventing my company from being paid on a regular basis. Once Mark got involved he put forth an overall strategic and business plan that allowed the client to prosper and my company to be paid. We worked together for several years and during that time Mark was always up front with me and true to his word".                                                                                                                                                                  - Adam S..

"As a result of his consulting and management experience Mark Deion is a major spokesperson on small business issues. He is extremely well thought of by government and business leaders. Mark is a natural leader who rapidly gains the respect of those who work for, and with, him. His international and domestic business experience is very strong in a wide variety of business disciplines. He is an individual who adds value to anything he does.                                                                                                                                                    - Ed M.

"I hired Mark Deion as a turn-around consultant for our family's business. He was relentless in his efforts to make us understand the reality of the situation and that time was of the essence. He helped us put goals into perspective, look at the whole picture, make decisions based on ROI and find more efficient methods and processes to streamline the organization. Mark's tough approach was difficult for some to swallow but in the end, we were a better management team utilizing best practices throughout the company. If your business is in trouble, this is one person you want on your side."                                                                                       - Stacy C.

"Mark Deion is a tremendously knowledgeable businessperson. I am amazed at his bandwidth of experience: Law, taxes, government, finance, strategy etc. Each of our conversations is a great learning experience. Mark is also an eloquent and focused speaker; comfortable in front of a small group or testifying at House and Senate hearings. Mark is not only a passionate and trusted adviser, he is also a tireless advocate on behalf of RI and Small Business. I consider myself fortunate to count Mark as a trusted colleague."                                   - John G.

"Mark Deion is a committed advocate for small business. He has done a tremendous amount of work in turning around small businesses here in Rhode Island and across the nation. His talent and knowledge of small businesses has made him a leader for the Economic Summit providing direction on how to achieve solid economic development."                                                                                                                                     - Mark H.

"I highly recommend Mark Deion as a consultant and adviser who has a unique ability to identify the challenges of his client company and to become an advocate to persue the solutions to those challenges. Mark has also been involved with adapting his clients interest to government policy and advocating change of government policy to the benefit of the business community."                                                                                               - Ed G.

"Mark Deion is a results oriented driven individual; knowledgeable in the area of business development and understands the impact local,regional and national decisions have on business growth."                   - Charles N.

"Mark Deion has worked as a business consultant for the RI Small Business Development Center for over 30 years, providing consulting services to RISBDC clients on a case-by-case basis. We have generally hired Mark to work with our clients facing the most difficult situations: Lack of capital, in need of restructuring or addressing a new market or technology in the industry, and "turnaround" situations. He has provided superb assistance, working quickly to ascertain the key fundamental issues and drivers of change and recommending critical actions to implement that change. I recommend him most highly."                                             - Douglas J.